Our history

L'8 Boutique Bologna is located in a building from the 1700s, our family property since 1800, with the aim to enhance the history of the palace where we spent our childhood.

The original features of the property, as the mix of vintage-family objects and design furnishings, are the distinctive characteristic of the Bologna apartments holiday, which develop into modern spaces where you can live an ever-different and suggestive experience.

Since entering through the door with a singular lion’s head-shaped door – chosen as our representative emblem – you will be able to admire stuccoes, exposed bricks, perfectly maintained wooden beams and ancient frescoes harmonized with objects of art and design, with the intent to propose and speak to you a new, engaging and fascinating language.

We want you to experience the territory in an authentic way thanks to our Bologna apartments holiday, our experience and knowledge, that is the reason why we will be happy to accompany you on your journey, by discovering new places and flavors closely anchored to our history and to the intense bond with the city of Bologna. From the guided tour, the cooking class, to the tasting of local wines, will be involved other historical realities existing in Bologna with the aim to recreat a place where you can feel at home.

Among the places we are most fond of there is undoubtedly the Museum of Bologna where you can find a small space dedicated to our grandmother, Virginia Bonfiglioli, famous for having carried on the “Aemilia Ars” embroidery technique.